Video Contents Analysis (VCA)

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NVR can render, save and replay the VCA meta data from VCA network cameras. It not also saves and searches VCA events from the camera, but maps events with various handlers.

[Note] Note
VCA setting for each network camera can be configured in Camera Configuration.
VCA Configuration

Figure 4.26. VCA Configuration


You can select VCA information to display on the screen.

  • Show zones

    This option shows pre-defined polygonal detection area.

  • Show counters

    This option shows a count number of satisfying detection rule.

  • Show blobs

    This option shows detected dwells.

  • Show objects

    This option shows objects.

    • Show objects in multiple colors

      This option shows objects in different colors.

    • Show non-alarmed objects

      This option shows non-alarmed objects by any detection rules.

    • Show object speed

      This option shows the speed of the moving object.

    • Show object height

      This option shows the height of the object.

    • Show object area

      This option shows the area of the object in squre meters.

    • Show object classifier

      This options shows the classifier of the object.

    • Show object wait times

      This option shows the wait time of object in a same place.

    • Show object color signature

      This option shows the color signature of the object.

  • Show system message

    This option shows system message.

  • Tamper detected message

    This option alarms with message when detection environment is tampered.


You can map the VCA events with various handlers. If you click Mapping... button for each camera, event mapping window is shown.