System Log

Table of Contents

General Information
System Log

This function shows current status of the system. A problem can be solved with finding wrong point when the system works abnormally through the system log. The problem can be fixed more precisely by delivering the log of current status of the system to the device shop.

System Log Configuration Screen

Figure 5.18. System Log Configuration Screen

General Information

This item shows the information of the product.

  • Model

    The detail information for each model is described in the section called “NVR Models”.

  • System Version

    This item displays the version of the software installed in the product.

  • System Key

    This item displays the unique recognized number of the device.

  • Use disk serial number as system key

    This item uses disk serial number as a system key.

  • Reset Configuration

    This item restores default configuration from the previous one.

    Reset Configuration Confirm Screen

    Figure 5.19. Reset Configuration Confirm Screen

  • Load Configuration

    This item changes the system configuration from a file on the usb device connected to the system.

    Load Configuration from USB Device

    Figure 5.20. Load Configuration from USB Device

System Log

This item shows the status of the system and saves the log to the file.

  • Log File

    The content of the file can be displayed by selecting the log file which has the problems of the system according to each function.

  • Save ..

    This item saves the selected file to the connected storage device.

    System Log File Save Screen

    Figure 5.21. System Log File Save Screen

  • Syslog Forwarding Server

    System log message is forwarded to the host when the IP address field is filled. It will not be forwarded while the field is empty.

  • Debug Message Mode

    The system writes the status of itself to the log file further in detail. The problem can be fixed precisely when the saved log is delivered to the device shop by enabling this function.