Sensor, Digital Input

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Audio Property
Always check signals
Event Mapping...

Sensor recognizes the outside status into the system. The number of available sensors depends on the model of the system.

Sensor Configuration Screen

Figure 4.7. Sensor Configuration Screen

Audio Property

  • Name

    This item indicates the name of audio for the connected sensor. It is not able to editable while one of camera configuration is editable.

    [Note] Note
    Name option is enabled only in the system with capture card.
  • Type

    This item specifies the type of the sensor signal. Selectable values are N/C [0→1] or N/O [1→0].

    [Note] Note
    Type option is enabled only in the system with capture card.

Always check signals

This item decides the executing time for checking the sensor. The recording schedule can be adjusted per week by clicking Schedule... when checking the sensor is not executed always.

Sensor Check Schedule Configuration Screen

Figure 4.8. Sensor Check Schedule Configuration Screen

The sensor checking schedule can be applied per each sensor.

[Note] Note

Detail information is described in Record Schedule Configuration.

Event Mapping...

This item connects the function proceeding by the NVR system when an input enters into the sensor. The configuration window like following will be appeared by clicking Event Mapping... button.

Event Mapping

Figure 4.9. Event Mapping

The lists for available sensor and the function on the system when the input enters into the sensor are as follows:

  • Recording: the recording of the camera

  • Alarm: activate the alarm device

  • Email: sending email

  • SNMP: sending the SNMP message to the specified SNMP server

  • Warning Message: showing warning message

  • Pop-up: switching to 1x1 mode

  • PTZ: activate PTZ link

The configuration will be saved after selecting the sensor and the function and clicking OK button.