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Display Mode
Control Play-back
Search Exit
Event Search
Zoom Search Screen

Recorded videos, audios and events can be searched in the search screen. The recorded data can be searched and replayed by time and date. The still image of the recorded data can be saved. The recorded data can be backed up to various media such as CD-RW/DVD/USB.

[Note] Note

Events mean all the information which are managed by the system such as motion detection, sensor/alarm(digital input/output) and camera signal. The events can be handled by mapping it with various handler when those occur. Detail information are described in Event Configuration.

Search Screen

Figure 2.22. Search Screen

Display Mode

Display Mode Button

Figure 2.23. Display Mode Button

The number and the shape of cameras to display can be selected by clicking these buttons. These buttons do the same action with the ones in the live screen.


Clock Selection

Figure 2.24. Clock Selection

The calendar is displayed after clicking the clock in the left bottom of the screen.

Screen with Calendar

Figure 2.25. Screen with Calendar

Date Selection

Figure 2.26. Date Selection

The date to search can be selected. The year and the month can be changed by clicking the arrow buttons in the top of the calendar. If the recorded data exist in the selected year and month, color for the number of the year and the month will be displayed with a different color.

The color for the date informs the existance of the recorded data and the event data with following 3 colors.

  • Gray: Nothing can be selected in the day as here's no data.

  • Red: The only recorded data exists in the day.

  • Red with yellow underline: The recorded data and the event data exist in the day.



Figure 2.27. Timeline

The information for the recorded data and the event of the selected date and the time is displayed. It has two kind of data.

  • Red: The recorded data are contained to a red bar.

  • Yellow: The event data are contained to a yellow bar. Any kind of the occured events are displayed. Detail information is described in event log.

The part where the information are displayed is consists of two main parts.

Daily Information Bar

Daily Information Bar

Figure 2.28. Daily Information Bar

The overall information of a day for the selected data from the calendar is displayed. The enlarged information with seconds is displayed on the detail information bar.

Detail Information Bar

Detail Information Bar

Figure 2.29. Detail Information Bar

The information for the recorded data and the event of the selected time from the daily information bar is displayed.

Lots of second lines which stands for a second is drawn vertically in the detail information bar. The recorded time is displayed per a minute below the second lines. The cyan vertical line indicates the current playing position on the search display.

The data of the desirable position can be played by clicking left mouse button. The cyan vertical line is moved to the nearest data when the area with no data is clicked. The data which is earlier than the selected data is displayed by scrolling up mouse wheel button and the data which is later than the selected data is displayed by scrolling down mouse wheel button.

Control Play-back

Control Play-back

Figure 2.30. Control Play-back

Replaying the recorded data is controlled by Play, Stop button. The speed of playing is configured to original(1x) by clicking Play button once. The speed will be changed by clicking Play button continuosly in replaying. Supported speeds are 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 1/4x, 1/2x, and it will be changed in this order.

Moving per time and frame can be controlled by buttons of Move Backward 1 second, Move Backward 1 minute, Move Forward 1 second, Move Forward 1 minute.

These actions are applied to all of the cameras which are shown in the search mode.

Search Exit

Live Button

Figure 2.31. Live Button

Searching will be quit and the screen will be back to the main display by clicking live button.


Backup Button

Figure 2.32. Backup Button

This button shows the window of saving still image and Movie Backup button when the selected camera has recorded videos or the window of backup directly when the camera has not recorded videos.

The selected camera will be saved to still image. File name consist of 'dvr-camera number-beginning time-ending time-frame number' basically, and it can be changed. Extension is attached automatically when file format to save is selected. Supported formats are JPEG(JPG), PNG, BMP.

Detail information is described in the section called “Backup”.

Save Still Image

Figure 2.33. Save Still Image

Event Search

Event Search Button

Figure 2.34. Event Search Button

This button shows or hides the event search window. The event search window describes detail information for the simple information in the timeline. It displays the information for time, name, device, zone and counter and descripton of the selected events from the timeline.

Event Search

Figure 2.35. Event Search

Duration is set by the time which is selected from timeline, and Apply search time is selected automatically. Duration can be specified directly when the item is not selected. Also, it can be specified by clicking the icon which is in each input item of date and time. Basically, the event search list for All Cameras and All Events are displayed. Specific event or camera can be seen by selecting it from the event search window. The result from the search can be sorted by 4 Sort by method of Time (Descending), Time (Ascending), Event or Camera / Device . The number of currently displayed events and the number of all of displayed events are displayed above the event search list. The next event list is displayed by moving down the scroll bar automatically. The items to display VCA information is configured by clicking VCA Display Setting on the bottom of the window. Detail information is described in Video Contents Analysis (VCA) Configuration. This window can be closed by clicking the close button on the right bottom of the window.

Choosing the type of event is needed when you want to see specific events only from the event search window.

Zoom Search Screen

Zoom Button

Figure 2.36. Zoom Button

This button show control buttons to zoom in or zoom out the current screen. The control buttons are displayed on the top left of the selected camera. Detail information is described in the section called “Camera PTZ / Digital Zoom”.

Zoom Control Button

Figure 2.37. Zoom Control Button