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Product Register Process

Product Register should be executed to use this product normally.

Product Register Process

Entering Product Key is needed.

Product Register Screen

Figure 5.22. Product Register Screen

  • This product can be using on only 15 days without registering. It should be registered to be used after 15 days. The registration number can be otained from where the product purchased or the registered product is delivered in some case.

  • If there's not ConfigurationSystemProduct Register menu, the device is already registered.

  • Registration message will be appeared after 15 days without registering and the system cannot be controlled, but the recording and the displaying live will be worked normally.

Register-done window will be appeared when the valid registration unber is entered.

Successful Registration Product Screen

Figure 5.23. Successful Registration Product Screen

Warning window will be appeared when the registration number is not valid.

Failed Registration Product Screen

Figure 5.24. Failed Registration Product Screen