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Pan/Tilt/Zoom Link Select
Camera Action Configuration

This configuration adjusts Pan/Tilt/Zoom action to be linked when an event occurs. Pan/Tilt/Zoom link is supported up to the number of the input video signal. The actions on each camera can be configured as the number of Pan/Tilt/Zoom link.

Camera Action as Link Number Configuration Screen

Figure 4.13. Camera Action as Link Number Configuration Screen

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Link Select

This item can be selected by using arrow to move to the previous or the next Pan/Tilt/Zoom link, or directly. The changed configuration will be applied to all of Pan/Tilt/Zoom link simultaneously when Select All is selected. The unchanged item is not applied to all ones.

Camera Action Configuration

List of Pan/Tilt/Zoom link action for each camera is as follows.

  • none

  • pan_left

  • pan_right

  • tilt_up

  • tilt_down

  • pantilt_left_up

  • pantilt_left_down

  • pantilt_right_up

  • pantilt_right_down

  • focus_far

  • focus_near

  • zoom_tele

  • zoom_wide

  • autopan_start

  • autopan_stop

  • light_on

  • light_off

  • preset_set

  • preset_go

  • preset_reset

  • user

Camera Action Configuration Screen

Figure 4.14. Camera Action Configuration Screen

For example, if the first alarm and the first Pan/Tilt/Zoom link is linked, the PTZ link configuration is same with Figure 4.14 and the first alarm occurs, then, the first camera will be moved to the position of the 3rd preset, the second camera will be panned to the left two times, the third camera will be panned to the right two times.