Motion Detection

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Highlight caputure devices
Select Camera
Motion Detection Property
Always detect motion
Event Mapping...
Motion Detection Configuration Screen

Figure 4.1. Motion Detection Configuration Screen

Highlight caputure devices

This button shows only connected configuration of motion detection in current capture card with emphasis.

[Note] Note

Highlight caputure devices option is enabled only in the system with capture card.

Select Camera

This item selects the camera to apply the changed configuration. The configurations of multiple cameras can be set by clicking check box which is in first column of each row. The changed configurations are applied to all of the cameras simultaneously when the check box of the first row which contains titles of each column is clicked. Untouched configuration items are not applied to all of the cameras.

Motion Detection Property

  • Name

    This item indicates the camera name which is configured from Camera Configuration. It is not editable on this section.

  • Enabled

    This item decides whether the monitor motion from the all area or the selected area or not. It can be used with recording, digital output signal, warning message together.

  • Sensitivity

    This decides how much difference is occurred to judge the motion detection. For example, if size of width x height of the camera video is 10 x 10, total number of the points is 100. If the sensitivity is set by 100%, the system judges that camera has not a motion when any point is not detected. If the sensitivity is set by 90%, the system judges that the camera has not a motion when less than ten points is detected.

    [Note] Note

    The higher sensitivity is, the smaller motion system detects on.

  • Noise

    This item decides the level of the ignoring noise from the camera. Much noise can be occurred depending on the status of the cable connection, then the camera can judge that the motion is detected even camera video is not changed. For example, if the noise value is 10%, system judges motion detection when the difference between the previous video and the current video pixel is 10% and more, and the system does not judge motion detection and ignores the difference when the difference is less than 10%.

    If the color of each coordinate in the current video is Y2 and one of the previous video is Y1, system judges motion detection when Y2 - Y1 or Y1 - Y2 is bigger than value of noise. In other words, the noise value is a value to ignore to distinguish normal motion detection and noise. Noise value will be adjusted by the expression of Y2 - Y1 > noise value.

    [Note] Note

    The smaller value of the noise configuration is, the more sensitive detecting the motion will be worked. But the value should be big when the camera signal is not good.

  • Area

    The system can only monitor the motion in the specified partial area when Area button is clicked.

    Motion Area Configuration Screen

    Figure 4.2. Motion Area Configuration Screen

    Dragging the mouse button with the desirable area is needed to specify the area to monitor the motion, then the selected area will be displayed with red color. The system will only monitor the selected red area. Multiple red areas are selectable.

    Motion Area Configuration with Selected Area Screen

    Figure 4.3. Motion Area Configuration with Selected Area Screen

    Clicking Clear is needed to remove the area.

Always detect motion

This item decides the executing schedule for motion detection. The schedule of motion detection can be adjusted per week by clicking Schedule... button when motion detection is not executed always.

Motion Detection Schedule Configuration Screen

Figure 4.4. Motion Detection Schedule Configuration Screen

The schedule of motion detection can be applied per each camera. Detail information is described in Record Schedule Configuration.

Event Mapping...

This button connects the function proceeding by the NVR system when the motion is detected. A configuration window like following will be appeared by clicking Event Mapping... button.

Event Mapping Configuration Screen

Figure 4.5. Event Mapping Configuration Screen

Vertical axis stands for available camera in system, and horizontal axis stands for feasible functions of system when the motion is detected.

Warning Message on Motion Detection Screen

Figure 4.6. Warning Message on Motion Detection Screen

The configuration will be saved by selecting desirable camera and function and clicking Ok button.