Table of Contents

Display & Interface
Search and playback
User Management
Motion Detection
Sensor/Alarm, Digital Input/Output
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Protocol
Network Interface Card

The following functions are based on NVR 2.8 version.

Display & Interface

  • Multilingual input/output interface : Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, Dimplified Chinese, German, Hungarian, Portugal, Czech, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Russian

  • Various display mode : 1~100 channels mode and full screen mode

  • Camera switching function

  • Screen keyboard function

  • Motion detection / sensor detection / recording status display per each camera

  • Screen lock function

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control

  • Alarm(digital out) button and quick alarm button


  • Brightness / contrast / colorness / hue per each camera

  • Camera name display function : configurable properties; camera name, font, size of font, color

  • Camera hiding function

  • Video loss detection function


  • Support for H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video codec, ADPCM audio codec

  • Support for standard video file(AVI) to be played on common player

  • Video/audio recording up to 100 channels simultaneously

  • Video/audio channel mapping

  • Recording with schedule (per week/hour, repeat specific date)

  • Recording with event like motion detection and adjust recording time for PRE/POST event

  • Adjusting quality of recording (bit rate/key frame interval/frame per second)

Search and playback

  • Search for multi channel simultaneously (same display mode with main screen)

  • Search by calendar and timeline

  • Search for recorded data and event(motion detection) simultaneously

  • Support for various replay speed (1,2,4,8,1/4,1/2)

  • Frame moving by one second, one minutes forward or backward

  • Still image saving to USB (JPEG, PNG, BMP)

  • Search for occurred events check on each event

  • Back-up by hour and channel, support for various media to back up


  • Video/audio streaming on TCP/IP

  • Maximum number of client connection and connection port limitation

  • Web clients behind firewall

  • Support for EDNS(Dynamic DNS) service

User Management

  • Support for multi user and multi role

  • Detail permission for each role (view for each camera/streaming control/device control, configure system, search recording data, control system devices, connect via network)

  • Support for user authentication


  • Linkage capability between every events and handlers

  • Event: motion detection for each camera, sensor(digital input), alarm(digital output), disk failure, camera signal loss

  • Handler : Recording for each camera, alarm(digital out), warning message and sound generator, send email

  • Warning message for each event, configuration for message font, size, color, sound

  • Multiple email sending and customizing the content

Motion Detection

  • Motion detection for each camera

  • Configuration for sensitivity and noise

  • Configuration for motion detection area

  • Schedule for motion detection

Sensor/Alarm, Digital Input/Output

  • Schedule for each sensor check

  • Support for alarm of two type (N/C, N/O)

  • Programming for each alarm (duration/interval/count)

  • Support for alarm test and alarm interface


  • Support for IDE / SCSI / USB / SATA hard disk

  • Disk selection to use on recording and disk quota

  • Camera mapping for each disk

  • Recording on several disk in order and change the order of disk for recording

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Protocol

  • Support for way control, ZOOM IN/OUT, PRESET

  • Event(motion detection, sensor) linkage to PTZ

Network Interface Card

  • Support for DHCP/static address

  • Support for traffic shaping


  • Configuration for hour/date/time zone

  • Local time synchronization to internet time server and time/server/command configuration

  • System log confirmation/saving

  • Forwarding syslog log message to remote host

  • Automatic recognition of hardware change

  • Configuration for automatic reboot