Table of Contents

Common Actions
Move the window
Window Opacity
Window Properties


CMS supports multiple windows for various tools and operations. Every window has the same user interface. This section explains the common functions for all windows.


A window is composed of the following elements:


Every window has the title. If the title of a window numeric suffix, several windows can be created with the same functionality.

Window title

Figure 2.1. Window title

Minimize / Maximize / Close Buttons

Most windows have minimize, maximize and close buttons, but fixed-size windows like Remocon and Quick Connect have no maximize button.

Window control buttons

Figure 2.2. Window control buttons


Some windows has buttons for the major actions in the toolbar.

Window toolbar

Figure 2.3. Window toolbar

Popup Menu

Every window has the popup menu by clicking the right button on the empty area of the window. The menu list is composed of common menu and window-specific menu.

Window popup menu

Figure 2.4. Window popup menu

Common Actions

Following actions can be executed by selecting the menu in the popup menu, clicking the toolbar button or press keyboard shortcuts in all windows.

  • Show toolbar : Toggle the visibility of the toolbar.

    "Show toolbar" menu item

    Figure 2.5. "Show toolbar" menu item

  • Window : Show the menu list for the window actions.

    "Window" sub menu

    Figure 2.6. "Window" sub menu

    • Close other windows : Close all windows except the window on which the action is executed.

    • Above window : Make the window above other windows.

    • Maximize window : Maximize the size of the window.

    • Fullscreen : Switch the window to fullscreen mode.

    • Keep single window : Don't allow creation of another windows like this type of window.

  • Tools : Show the menu list to launch functional windows.

    "Tools" sub menu

    Figure 2.7. "Tools" sub menu

    • Stop playing sound : The sound being played by the job stops.

      "Stop playing sound" menu item

      Figure 2.8. "Stop playing sound" menu item

    • About... : Show the information about CMS

      "About..." menu item

      Figure 2.9. "About..." menu item

    • Help Contents : Show the contents of CMS manual.

      "Help Contents" menu item

      Figure 2.10. "Help Contents" menu item

    • Quit : Close all CMS windows and quit the program. The position and size of all windows are saved and restored on next time.

      "Quit" menu item

      Figure 2.11. "Quit" menu item

  • Close Window : Close the window.

    "Close" menu item

    Figure 2.12. "Close" menu item

Move the window

Windows can be moved by pressing not also titlebar or but the empty area of windows with mouse left button and moving the mouse.

Moving the window

Figure 2.13. Moving the window

Window Opacity

The opacity of windows can be adjusted by using CTRL + Mouse Wheel Scroll up to 10 levels. But windows which have video display area like Live Monitor, Search and Replay, can not be adjusted.

Transparent window

Figure 2.14. Transparent window

Window Properties

The new window utilizes some properties of the last window which is the same functionality:

  • The size of a window

  • Whether a window is maximized

  • Whether a window is above other windows

  • The opacity of a window