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Execute Tools
Edit items


It provides a collection of icons that you can execute the tools of CMS.

Execute Tools

When you run CMS first, a Toolbox window (Figure 2.15) appears. You can select the icon of the desired tool with double-click or press Enter key in order to launch the window.

A Toolbox window

Figure 2.15. A Toolbox window

If you click the right mouse button in the Toolbox window, popup menu (Figure 2.16) appears.

Pop-up menu in the Toolbox window

Figure 2.16. Pop-up menu in the Toolbox window

If you click Execute selected items on the popup menu, selected items will be executed. If multiple items are selected at once, they are executed at once.

Note that in order to execute tools without Toolbox, you can choose the tools on the 'Tools' sub menu. (see Figure 2.17)

"Tools" in popup menu

Figure 2.17. "Tools" in popup menu

Edit items

Multiple Toolbox windows can be used, therefore, you can hold only necessary function items of CMS in the Toolbox.

Selecting Add items on the popup menu shows all function items of CMS.(Figure 2.18) If you choose the item which is not yet added, it will be inserted into the Toolbox.

Tools menu items

Figure 2.18. Tools menu items

If you choose Remove selected items on the popup menu, selected items are removed from the Toolbox.

You can use mouse drag & drop to change the icon order in the Toolbox.

Change the icon order

Figure 2.19. Change the icon order

If you disable Use small icons in Toolbox in Display Preference, the icons of the Toolbox become bigger.

Bigger icons in the Toolbox

Figure 2.20. Bigger icons in the Toolbox