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Search Condition
Search Result


Some remote hosts save the event information into their own repositories. You can search such information with Remote Event Search.

[Note] Remote Event Search Supported Hosts

The list of host models and versions which provide remote event search feature is following:

  • DVR 2.4-22 later

  • NT 2.0-11 later

It consists of the condition and the result.

Remote Event Search

Figure 2.68. Remote Event Search

Search Condition

The condition consists of the host, the day and the hour. You must select the host which is already connected. The day is one of the days at which events have occurred in the host. The hour is one of the hours at which events have occurred in the day. In other words, you must select the host, the day and the hour in order. But, if you select the host, the last day and hour will be selected automatically.

Search Result

Firstly, it shows the search result on the time-event table with color filling. The column of the table means a minute. That is, the first column means 0 minute of the hour, the last column means 59 minute of the hour. The row of the table means a event type. A darker color means that there is more events occurred. Event colors can be customized in Warning Message Preference.

If you move the mouse over the location at which events have occurred, the tooltip about detailed information appears. If you click it, all events at the location are listed below.

If you double-click the event on the list or click Search on the popup menu after selecting the event, Remote Replay(Search and Replay) will be executed for the event.

Remote Replay from Remote Event Search

Figure 2.69. Remote Replay from Remote Event Search