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Pan / Tilt / Zoom
Camera Properties
Customize Remocon


It provides features such PTZ(Pan/Tilt/Zoom) control for the camera, preset move, relay device trigger and camera property adjustment.

You can launch a new Remocon window by clicking Remocon icon in Toolbox or clicking Remocon in Live Monitor. Multiple Remote windows controlling its own camera can exist.

Remocon consists of the following components:

  • Target

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom

  • Preset

  • Relay

  • Camera Properties


Figure 2.85. Remocon


It shows the host and the camera to be controlled by Remocon. If the camera doesn't offers the function or you doesn't have permission, The interface for the function will be disabled.

Target host and camera in Remocon

Figure 2.86. Target host and camera in Remocon

You can select the target by clicking Target... on the toolbar or popup menu.

Select the target

Figure 2.87. Select the target

There are 3 ways to select the target as following:


It controls the host and camera selected in Live Monitor window which is currently used (focused or activated).

Live Monitor

It controls the host and camera selected in Live Monitor window which is specified by the user.

Host / Camera

It controls the host and camera which are specified by the user.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom

By clicking buttons, you can control Pan / Tilt / Zoom for the camera.


It moves the camera in 8 directions.

Move buttons

Figure 2.88. Move buttons


It turn on or off the autopan.

Autopan on / off buttons

Figure 2.89. Autopan on / off buttons


It enlarges or shrinks the camera image.

Zoom in / Zoom out buttons

Figure 2.90. Zoom in / Zoom out buttons


It sets focus to the near or far object.

Focus far / near buttons

Figure 2.91. Focus far / near buttons


Turn on or off the light.

Light on / off buttons

Figure 2.92. Light on / off buttons

Move Speed

It adjusts the speed of camera moving.

PTZ speed

Figure 2.93. PTZ speed


It moves the camera to the preset positions.

Preset buttons

Figure 2.94. Preset buttons


It activates the relay device of the host. The number of buttons is the same to the number of relays which is attached to the host.

Relay buttons

Figure 2.95. Relay buttons

Camera Properties

It adjusts brightness, contrast, colorness and hue of the camera.

Customize Remocon

If you check or uncheck the items for components in the toolbar or popup menu, corresponding components will be hidden or shown.

Customize a Remocon

Figure 2.96. Customize a Remocon