General Preference

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You can configure general preferences like language, time zone and debug message output.

General preference

Figure 3.1. General preference



You can select the language to be used. English, Korean and Japanese are supported currently. When you run CMS firstly, operating system's default language is used automatically, and if it is not listed in the supported languages, English is chosen.

Time Zone

You can select the time zone of the system on which CMS is running. Time zone for each host can be configured in Host Manager. If you select N/A, time zone feature is disabled wholly.

Display the event time according to host time zone

It decides whether it displays the event time information in local time adjusted with hosts' time zone. This is enabled only when Time Zone is used.

Show debug message

It decides whether it shows debug messages in Log Monitor and save them to the database.

Use auto-focus as a default target in Remocon

It decides whether Auto-focus target is always used when a new Remocon window is executed.

Place new windows on empty workspace as possible

It decides whether a new window will be placed on empty workspace.

Stop and restart host recording before remote search

It decodes whether it stops and restarts the remote host's recording before executing Remote Search(Search and Replay) to search latest recorded data.

Always overwrite existing files on backup

It decides whether it always overwrites existing backup files without user confirmation.

Reconnect hosts which didn't transmit frames in specified seconds

It decides whether it automatically tries to reconnect to the host when live video frames are not arrived for last specified seconds.