Display Preference

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You can configure display and graphic user interface preferences.

Display preference

Figure 3.2. Display preference



You can select the GUI theme for CMS, and it will be applied after restarting the program.

Use small icons in Toolbox

It decides whether icons are displayed with small images in Toolbox.

Make the toolbar aligned left

It decides whether the toolbar of the window should be put on the left side or right side.

Use hardware video accelerator for display

It decides whether hardware accelerator is used for video display, which is enabled only when the system has the hardware.

Apply deinterlaced filter to high resolution display

It decodes whether deinterlaced filter is applied to display high resolution video images.

Live Monitor OSD Location

You can select the location of the camera OSD in Live Monitor.

Display host's name before camera's title

It decides whether it expresses the host and the camera in the form of `host[camera]' or `camera[host]'.

Use animation effect in trying to connect hosts

It decides whether icon animation effect is used while connecting to hosts in Host Manager It also applied to event animation effect in Map Monitor. You must consider the system environment to use it because animation effect requires more CPU resource.