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Search Condition
Search Result


Log messages of CMS are saved to the database. You can search log database quickly for the condition by using Log Search.

Log Search is composed of the result and the condition which acts like filters.

Log Search

Figure 2.51. Log Search

Search Condition

The condition is composed of the host, the log level, text to search and the time range. If some value is not shown in the condition, it means that there is no value in the database. Whenever the condition is changed, it is reflected to the search result immediately.

The background color of search text input box containing invalid characters is red.

Invalid text in search input box

Figure 2.52. Invalid text in search input box

Search Result

It shows the log messages which matches the condition. It fetches 100 results at a time from the database, and when the scroll bar reaches the end of the list, it fetches next 100 results automatically.

You can sort the result in order by the item specified by Sort by combobox.

If you want to save current log messages to the file, click Save button and click Save in a dialog window with appropriate file name.

Save log search result

Figure 2.53. Save log search result

Log information is stored into the text file in the form of `timestamp|host|level|message' for each log.