Log Monitor

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Live Search


It shows log messages of CMS and provides live search function.


It shows log messages by line in the form of `Timestamp LogLevelSymbol Message'.

Log Monitor

Figure 2.49. Log Monitor

The symbols and colors of the log message levels are following:

  • Debug (0) : [.] in gray

  • Information (1) : [I] in yellow

  • Warning (2) : [W] in green

  • Error (3) : [E] in red

It shows the last 1000 rows of log messages, scrolling down automatically.

If you click Lock scroll, scroll is locked.

Scroll lock

Figure 2.50. Scroll lock

Live Search

You can search log messages for the text in the Log Monitor window.

  • Search Text Entry : Fill it with the text to search for.

  • Clear search text : Clear search text entry.

  • Log Search : Start to search.

Matching text is emphasized with red background.

You may execute Log Search to search all log messages.