Table of Contents

Installation Requirements

CMS is the central monitoring system that manages a variety of network DVR servers and IP camera on the local network and global Internet connection.


The key features of CMS follows:

  • Monitor live camera video / audio simultaneously up to 32x32(1024) in a window : Multiple windows can be used concurrently
  • Remote Control(Remocon) : PTZ(Pan / Tilt / Zoom) control, relay control, camera properties(brightness / contrast / hue / colorness) control, etc.
  • Search, Replay and Backup the remote DVR / NVR recording data
  • Save live video / audio streams to the local disks and Search and Replay the local recording data
  • Configure multiple remote DVRs and IP camera in one step
  • Various jobs which can be linked with the events, SNMP and scheduled : recording, relay control, auto-relay control, PTZ preset, event live, still-image save, quick view, flash effect, sound broadcast, sound play, remote backup, warning message, etc.
  • Monitor the status of hosts (DVR / IP camera)
  • Bi-directional audio communication
  • Grouping of hosts, cameras and sensors
  • Multilingual User Interface: English, Korean, Japanese
  • Time Zone for each hosts
  • Support various database backend for message and event logging

Installation Requirements

To install and run CMS following hardware and OS are required:

  • Minimum: Windows XP SP3 / CPU 1.0G / RAM 512M / Intel Graphic Chipset / Disk 100M
  • Recommendation: Windows 7 / CPU 3.0G / RAM 2G / NVidia / Disk 1G